Depression and Animal Rescue

For today’s Emerald City Pet Rescue blog I thought I would discuss something I know all of you animal rescuers and even animal adopters can relate to, and that is depression and animal rescue. It could even be depression when we find out one of our fur kids are sick or ill, pets lost, or pet death etc.

No one ever said animal rescue would be easy. Sometimes it can just be one thing that gets you into ‘stinking thinking’ – wanting to quit, wanting to give up, wanting your normal life back.

Contemplate that for a second in the ‘big picture’. You signed up for this. Yes, we all are free to make our own decisions and possibly ‘walk away’. Sometimes the photos and stories of the animal abuse and neglect and the ones we couldn’t save can just be too much on certain days.

If you were to walk away, who would be there to be an additional person to speak up for the ‘voiceless’

It isn’t an easy thing, I know. Whether you are a foster, a volunteer, a networker, a donor, an animal mommy or daddy or the multi-tasking rescuer. Especially, if you are RUNNING a rescue group.

I am not a psychiatrist by any means. But during times like this you probably need to do something for YOU. Whether it be taking a vacation, getting your hair cut or done, going to the gym, going to the movies – SOMETHING possibly NOT animal related to get your ‘mojo’ back.

For all of you animal rescuers out there dealing with depression, you are NOT alone. This too shall pass. Your passion and vigor WILL return, just get through this time and know that it is NOT a forever feeling.

If you are dealing with severe depression, you may want to consider speaking with a psychiatrist or licensed therapist you can be open about your feelings with and let them talk you through your feelings during this time.

Some of us reach out to our friends and family, as well.

Whatever the case may be, don’t get stuck in a rut.

The animals need us, but we are no good to them if we aren’t being good to ourselves.

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15 thoughts on “Depression and Animal Rescue

  1. A mom just hid her three kittens in a box near a store, so the man who owns it stole the kittens and refuses to put them back. I begged and begged and said they were too young (2 weeks old) but he doesn’t care. He’s going to take them his place, lock them in a bird cage under his house and give them cow milk, which could kill them.
    I keep hearing their cries and I feel like i’ve failed them. He won’t listen to me and I’m going out of my mind thinking of the poor mother. There’s nothing I can do in a country with no laws for animals… And I’m going out of my mind, it’s breaking my heart

  2. I rescued my dog partly to help me deal with depression (I’d thought about having a dog for years, but only at that point did my life and finances allow it). I owe him a lot. I know the saying ‘who rescued who?’ is put out there all the time, but in this case it’s incredibly true. I know how much his rescue loves hearing about his pampered life, so he now has his own FB page where he brightens their days with tales of just how much they changed both of our worlds. I figure I can’t solve all the things they hurt over, but I can show them the difference they make and give them that bit of brightness that may be the difference for themselves…

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